Wild Pointe Ranch

wild pointe ranch

Energy Environmental Corporation and Wild Pointe Partners (WPP) are partnering in the construction and development of 110 zero energy HVAC homes in Elizabeth, Colorado. These homes in Wild Pointe Ranch (WPR) will be the largest development to achieve LEED for Homes platinum certification and will be used to educate, promote, and market green building practices, products, and technologies on a national scale. A widely publicized Energy Freedom Festival of Homes is being organized for the fall of 2010 and will include presentations, tours, and education on the green features of the five initial model homes.

The HVAC and renewable energy designs in the homes at Wild Pointe Ranch are being directly implemented based on systems designed and implemented in our test bed Platinum LEED Home. The integrated systems utilize ground source heat pumps (GHP), solar hot water (SHW), hydronic heating and cooling, intelligent zoning for air systems, and energy and heat recovery ventilators (ERV, HRV) – powered with renewable energy: solar photovoltaic and small wind turbines. This solution maintains uniform comfort, humidity control, and indoor air quality and is particularly suitable for the lower cooling loads expected in highly insulated low-energy homes.

Wild Pointe Ranch will be a state and national icon for the best practices of sustainable construction and home energy efficiency. The low energy home design, ultra tight building envelope, and advanced integrated renewable HVAC design and technologies present a new level for building science and set a viable standard for low and net zero™ energy buildings.

Information on marketing partnerships and unique sustainable building materials and products for the development is being sought through a formalized request for information. For details, please visit www. LEEDRFI.com.

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