Products and Services

Energy Environmental Corporation offers design and modeling of fully integrated renewable energy systems, sustainable technology consulting, contractor training, and consumer education. We serve homeowners, design professionals, builders, and specialty contractors. Our professional services range from air sealing and insulating the building envelope to delivering complete HVAC, indoor air quality or grid-tied alternative power systems at any stage of construction. Our expertise includes the integration of renewable technology in the areas of solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, domestic hot water, energy management, small wind turbines, micro hydro turbines, heat and energy recovery ventilation, ground source (geothermal) heat pumps, and radiant heating and cooling systems.

The specialized computer design and modeling expertise we have adopted from Europe and incorporated in North America is truly unique. As a result, our integrated solutions outperform any stand-alone technology available in North America. See our Advanced Technology page for more information on integrated systems.

For the Homeowner

We provide technical information, consulting, and design services for homeowners on new and retrofit homes. These may include state-of-the-art, fully integrated renewable energy and environmental control systems with an emphasis on the owner’s health and comfort, while controlling initial investment and operating costs. We guarantee that our products and services will improve indoor air quality, reduce energy use, and save the homeowner money over the life cycle of the systems. Throughout North America, there are less than a dozen companies that provide the level of integration or breadth of system knowledge required to achieve the level of our systems performance. See our Advanced Technology section for information on our unique system designs and our Pricing page for information on costs and incentives of integrated systems. Contact Us for more information or a quote.


For Design Professionals

The current residential construction market, while challenging to traditional building methods, provides a unique and exciting opportunity for sustainable systems. On average, sustainable systems subcontractors are exceeding 30% year over year growth in green technologies, including solar thermal heating and hot water, solar photovoltaics, geothermal integration with radiant floor systems, small wind turbines, and energy/heat recovery ventilation.

We believe the highest impact a design professional can make on the energy performance, comfort, and safety of the occupants is to treat the building systems as integrated architecture. We work with building professionals to design and implement affordable technologies into building designs in the planning stage or under retrofit. The results are phenomenal: with superior comfort and owner satisfaction, these integrated systems deliver high energy efficiency, superior indoor air quality, and unparalleled comfort for the occupants. We offer system integration training to architects, engineers, and designers, and mentoring/consulting services for the innovative design of fully integrated renewable energy systems. As a partner on your design or installation team, we mitigate the risks associated with environmentally responsible home design and build projects.

Please Contact Us to better understand how we can help you achieve your business goals or your client's project performance requirements.


For Builders & Contractors

While Energy Environmental Corporation provides training to new contractors, the majority of requests are for training and mentoring programs to help existing contractors transition to renewable technology. Because of marketing concerns within the trades in general, and specifically a depressed construction market, most practicing renewable energy companies are reluctant to provide systems training. In fact, most successful companies view training as a competitive advantage not to be shared. While we understand that sharing information may create competition, we are confident in our cooperative business model. Relying on EEC’s market leadership and advanced expertise in systems integration developed over the past decade, we believe that training a pool of reliable contractors is in our best interest for long term success. We will jointly benefit when we are able to provide our customers a consistent product with reliable service.

This philosophy carries over to the builders with whom we work. Rather than replace their existing team of contractors, we work with the builder to “upgrade” the expertise of his/her existing subcontractor team. We provide customized training on selling/marketing green products and services, as well as education for general contractors to understand the issues related to integrated renewable systems. Should the general contractor require turnkey contracting services, we are experienced delivering the design and installation services as a one stop shop.

For large volume builders, we create standard designs and systems installation documentation to ensure a streamlined installation with superior performance. Our expertise will help minimize risk, maintain schedules, and enable you to meet your goals in terms of cost and customer satisfaction. In addition, we can help you source high quality sustainable building products and materials.

Even if you are not sure where to start, Contact Us today to carry on an open and frank discussion on how we can help your company ride the green tide of success.