Our Projects


Integrated systems modeling, design, and installation of geothermal heating, domestic and industrial hot water, and a 10kW wind turbine (See photos below).

Consultant for Geothermal and Solar Systems upgrade to replace cooling towers and primary boiler system for 43 unit condominium project overlooking Coors Field in Denver

Beta partner for the adoption of U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Plus standard for new home indoor air quality and energy standards.

Retrofit gas forced air system in Colorado Springs 2500 SF home with solar hot water with under floor radiant heating system

Installation of Sky Stream 1.7kW and Bergey 10kW Excel Wind Turbines in Kerrville, Texas (see photos below).

Rocky Mountain Contractor and Home Owner Workshops at CSU Mountain Campus

Denver East and Montview High Schools Renewable Systems Apprentice Training and Boot camp, working with Goodwill Industries and renewable equipment manufacturers.

Charitable consulting for Solar PV Installation supporting 100+ children orphanage in Puerto Maldonado, Peru


Platinum LEED Home Demonstration Project – Implementation of 6kW solar photovoltaic system, solar space and domestic hot water heating, fire protection and radiant floor high mass cooling utilizing real time dew point sensing. Sponsored by USGBC Colorado Chapter and served as the Demonstration Home for the December 2008 Energy Star Summit.  Launch of www.platinumLEEDhome.com web site to provide education on integrated systems and green building products and services (see photos below).

LEED for Homes (Gold and Certified targets) Residential Houses in University Park incorporating Integrated Solar and Geothermal Systems.   Water-water heat pumps with outdoor reset controllers are used for domestic hot water and space heating.  Water-air heat pump provides primary cooling and back up heating, with desuperheater augmenting domestic hot water generation while in air conditioning mode.  WiFi-enabled monitoring and control of solar hot water controller and heat exchanger.

LEED for Homes Consultant to Homeowner for targeted Platinum LEED Home in Portland, Oregon.

Building science analysis of $11M estate in Aspen, Colorado to determine cause of extraneous radiant heating within the structure causing excessive energy bills and poor indoor air quality and comfort for autistic child.  Despite investigation by several HVAC contractors, EEC determined cause.  The solution we implemented worked immediately.

Consultant and systems designer for integrated systems and major for sustainable building Architect’s 1950’s era private residence in Denver.

Systems Design and Installation for Texas ranch incorporating 50 tons of geothermal space heating and cooling, domestic hot water generation, and pool heating using wine cellar cooling.

Three day implementation of 5 ton geothermal heat pump heating and domestic hot water system in Willow, Alaska.

Contractor and Home Owner Workshops in Monterey, California and Rock port, Maine.

Construction of Hospital Wing for indigent resident population in Pucusana, Peru.


Installed ceiling-oriented retrofit radiant heating system with geothermal heat pump, hot water supplied air coil, and solar thermal collectors.   First ground loop utilizing stacked horizontal “slinkies” for tight residential lot in Golden, Colorado.  Initial use of web-enabled systems logging and reporting as technology demonstration.

Implemented open loop geothermal water-air residential 6 ton heat pump in Jolliet, Illinois in two days for a new home under construction.

First installation of staged heating for solar thermal domestic hot water application to exceed a 65% solar factor.

LEED for Homes beta program partner with US Green Building Council’s Colorado provider.

Consultant to Bay Area Technology company for Operational Excellence and Lean Six Sigma process improvement


Integrated systems design incorporating three different geothermal heat pumps for 5500 SF estate and guest house in Littleton, Colorado.  11 ton horizontal ground loop serves two water-water units for under hardwood floor radiant heating and domestic hot water generation.  Excess heat from domestic hot water in main house supplies radiant needs of 1200 SF guest house.  Outdoor reset controls modulate radiant heating temperatures based on outdoor air temperatures.  Split geothermal heat pump provides air conditioning, heating, and fresh ventilation using air coil in attic.


As Director and consultant for E-Star Colorado, trained energy raters in the application of software tool metrics for new homes to conduct energy audits of existing buildings.  Created sales and marketing training to energy auditors starting a small business.

Analysis and Wind Tunnel testing of US Air Force Academy chapel to determine the cause of window pane failures.  Water leakage and air infiltration plagued the Air Force Academy Chapel since it was built over fifty years ago.  Determining that weather may be a contributing factor and the form of the chapel unique to the solution, collaborated on the production of a scale model which was flown in the subsonic wind tunnel.  We determined the cause of failure to be related to air flow over the structure.  The Academy’s civil engineering group issued an $8MM contract to make recommended repairs and the windows no longer leak.

Consultant to Commercial Developer – Faced with increased competition in lower downtown for high-rise residential space, the CEO and Chairman of Denver Urban Neighborhoods development corporation sought ways to leverage the company’s expertise in green building projects.  Conducted a four month analysis of building performance and interviewed contractors, subcontractors, architects, and competitors. Released a seventy page report documenting qualitative and quantitative reasons for using sustainability and energy efficiency for competitive advantage. 

Representative to Poland’s Conservator of Monuments and Historic Buildings for the Reconstruction of the Jewish Synagogue in Zabludow, Poland.  After attending the Master Builder (Zimmer Meister) Gewerbe Akademie in Rottweil, Germany, invited by the International Timber Framers Guild to serve on a team to rebuild one of the wooden synagogues in Poland – all destroyed in WWII.  For the subsequent two years, studied EU business models and developed thesis for sustainable development, residential systems implementation for competitive advantage while addressing global challenges with fossil fuel dependence and green house gas production.

South facing view of Energy Environmental's Platinum LEED home

EEC trainees from Arapahoe community college help install solar thermal panels on the south facing roof as part of the integrated systems in EEC's platinum LEED home. A 6 KW solar pv array has already been installed on the right.

platinum leed home solar pv array

View looking down on the solar pv array on EEC's platinum LEED home. The steep angle of the roof and panels provides optimal sun exposure.

tilted solar thermal collectors

Solar thermal panels mounted horizontally on Denver residence.

solar thermal controls

System controls for solar thermal array shown above integrated with radiant in floor heating.


EEC solar thermal array    3.5 milltion btu solar thermal

Solar thermal array providing 3.5 million BTUs, combined with a geothermal pond loop for heating, cooling, hot water, and pool heating for a Colorado ranch. A 10 kW wind turbine has also been included in the design of the integrated systems.

geothermal pond loop Colorado

Members of EEC's operational team installing a geothermal pond loop to be integrated with solar thermal array shown in previous photo.

Part of the integrated controls for the geothermal and solar thermal array pictured above.

Energy Environmental Corporation solar thermal panels

Solar thermal panels installed by EEC on a home in Denver.

Energy Environmental staged solar hot water

Hot water tanks and controls installed as part of EEC's staged solar hot water system design which can produce solar factors of up to 90%. The solar thermal panels for this system are shown in the previous picture.

skystream wind turbine texas ranch

10 kW wind turbine installation in Kerville, Texas. Additionally, EEC provided the systems design and installation of 50 tons of geothermal space heating and cooling, domestic hot water generation, and pool heating on this property.

energy environmental radiant floor staple

A staple up radiant system retrofit project at a residence in Denver.

solar thermal before solar thermal after

A solar hot water system installed in 1970's (left) replaced by EEC (right).