Technical Products and Services

Finding a reliable contractor with the expertise to install integrated renewable energy systems is a challenge.  The 1980’s proved that inferior performance and reliability are the real costs to substandard installation of renewable technologies.  Without exception, our clients consistently report that the investment in EEC services are offset by reduced capital procurement costs, accelerated implementation schedules, and lower overall risk.  These factors are important to owners, developers, general contractors and specialty subcontractors.   To meet these challenges, we offer a variety of technical products and services designed to serve the varied needs of our clients.  The products and services described below are routinely updated, so check back often for additional resources.


Money Back Guarantee

In order to reduce costs, save trees, and shipping costs, Energy Environmental offers technical design and installation articles, publications, and specification documents on-line.  Based on our experience, the information contained in these libraries works for most applications.  For example, we often cite a 2500 SF house in the Midwest with 3 to 4 occupants as a reference model to apply a specific integrated system.   For a solar domestic hot water application integrated with a geothermal water-air heat pump, the design is similar for most heating climates (Midwest, Northeast, Northwest).    Some modifications will be required to adjust for systems sizing (for heat loss, life style, site-specific needs, etc); however, the assumptions in the documents for a heating climate are generally valid.   However, if the document most likely would not work for a cooling climate with high humidity (Texas, Southeast U.S., Hawaii).   Since we understand these limitations, we offer you a simple guarantee:  If you believe the document ordered on-line did not meet your services, we will either offer you a refund or apply the cost of the technical document toward a customized service tailored for your specific needs.


Basic Design Documents (Information References)

Available at low or no cost, these documents are targeted to the uninformed consumer or contractor unfamiliar with the subject technology.  The approach is to define terms, functions, and basic operations of components in order to understand basic guidelines for the correct implementation of the technology.   In several cases, such as “The Gold Standard for Green”, the document has value describing integrated systems concepts or options between systems, rather than providing insight into a specific technology.  With the exception of systems integration, information contained in Basic Design Documents is available on the internet should one chose to do the research.   At a low price point, EEC offers this information to readers as a time saving service.   These documents should not be used for systems design as they contain no parameters for sizing the system or specific parameters for installation guidelines related to location or building loads.


Techncial Design Documents

The Technical Design Documents provide guidance for detailed system design (for a specific technology such as geothermal, solar PV, or proper ventilation) or specifications necessary for proper installation of fully integrated systems.  When the intended design matches the reference case (location, home size, quality of insulation/construction, orientation, etc.), the design document is useful for implementation.   For integrated systems, technical design documents provide conceptual design information only.   In order to create a detailed integrated system for implementation, the reference system must be modeled using computer software.  Custom modification of existing designs are offered at a fixed price designed to be affordable while covering our costs.  When components are installed (standalone, such as a solar hot water system for 3-4 persons), the technical documents may be sufficient for the contractor or do-it-yourself homeowner to implement correctly.  Where possible, the document description provides guidance on the proper use of the document:  conceptual understanding, planning or detailed design.

For any application insufficiently covered by the standard technical design documents, customization of the design specification for a client’s unique needs is available for an additional fee.


General Contracting and Owner’s Representative Services

Incorporating the correct design and installation of integrated renewable energy systems into a new home requires the communication and collaboration of developers, builders, architects, and contractors. There is usually little communication between various individual contractors and no one to guarantee smooth performance between interacting systems.  As a general contractor or owner’s representative, we take responsibility to oversee, communicate, and ensure proper incorporation of systems.  We control the design and installation of systems, ensuring the homeowner’s comfort, health, and energy savings are the basis of any decision. Our expertise includes:

  • Geothermal heating and cooling
  • Radiant heating and cooling
  • Solar hot water
  • Domestic hot water integration
  • Tankless hot water heaters
  • Indoor air quality and energy efficiency (ERV, HRV, and HEPA air filtration)
  • On-site power generation for grid connected systems (solar photo voltaic, small wind turbines, micro hydro power turbines)
  • Building envelope
  • Home and site water usage
  • Grey water systems

Green Building Products and Materials

We offer the same high quality and dependable sustainable building products and renewable energy system components that we use in our own projects. These include solar thermal collectors and tanks, geothermal heat pumps, radiant heating/cooling components, and ERV/HRV and HEPA filtration units for indoor air quality. We also offer alternative power generation products such as solar photovoltaic panels, residential wind system turbines, and micro-hydro system components. Visit our online store for more product details.