Community Outreach

At Energy Environmental, we believe in promoting sustainable living through energy efficiency and a healthy environment.We are dedicated to sharing our success with those less fortunate.  Energy Environmental Corporation allocated over 10% of gross profits to infrastructure projects in Peru which improve people’s quality of life within communities lacking clean water, reliable power, adequate communications, or medical facilities. 

Our Local Community

EEC has partnered with Goodwill Industries' Energy Workforce program to provide training to high school students for renewable energy industry jobs. This included a week long "boot camp" where students where introduced to green technologies which utilize solar, geothermal, and wind and provide hands on experience with state of the art equipment. Interested students have gone on to internships and work training opportunities within EEC. We were honored that Goodwill awarded us as their Platinum Partner of the year for our time and effort with the program.

Helping Globally

Pucusana, Peru is a traditional small fishing village located 60 Km south of Lima. This small community lacks many of the basic standards of living such as clean water, power, and medical facilities. In 2008, EEC allocated over 10% of 2008 gross profits and participated in the construction of a children's hospital wing in the small community. In 2009, EEC is providing charitable consulting for a solar PV installation on the roof of a large orphanage in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. Additional funds and participation are being donated towards the development of a community center, wind turbine, and desalination system to provide clean water to about 1000 families in the village. The wind turbine will provide power to pump seawater to the desalinization facility. The picture below is taken from the site of where the wind turbine will be placed.


Peru wind turbine site

Pucusana, Peru 2008: Future site of wind turbine and desalination system overlooking the village harbour